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In a country in which there is little encouragement for team work in research, in which research in academia is undertaken to obtain promotion rather than contribute to national development, and in which publication in international peer-reviewed journals is infrequent when numbers of publications are compared to numbers of researchers, the NCDEG stands out as an exception. It has a team of well-trained researchers whose goal is to reduce the incidence and impact of a set of diseases for which the prevalence in Jordan is unusually high 30. They publish as group four or five papers per year in international journals while also offering patient care in a clinic with about 3.000 patients.

In recognition of the quality of its research, the Centre has been designated as a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Diabetes Research, Education and Primary Health Care. According to WHO, “criteria for selection (as a collaborating center) include the scientific and technical standing of the institution, its actual level of commitment at national regional and international level, and its ability to strengthen national and regional capacity for health development. The institution must also have collaborated successfully with WHO for at least two years in carrying out jointly planned activities. WHO collaborating centers must have the capacity and the institutional stability to develop relation with other institutions through shared activities and networking.”
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