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Nutrition Clinic

The Nutrition Services provides individual counseling with a wide range of nutritional problems.
Such problems and / or concerns could include; obesity, diabetes, hypertension, poor growth, hyperlipidemia, eating disorders, vegetarian diets,

food allergies, GI Nutrition Clinicdisorders, seizure disorders, renal disease, use of nutritional and/or herbal supplements, nutritional support, behavioral problems surrounding foods, etc. An in depth assessment regarding the patient's medical history, growth, medications, supplements, laboratory data, and clinical status is obtained, along with a diet history and/or nutrient analysis. Using this information, a detailed treatment plan and education is provided along with the appropriate educational materials.

The patient is provided with an initial hour long consultation by a experienced dietitian; ongoing consultation is available for more chronic nutritional problems. Follow up telephone consultation is also provided when necessary. The nutritional assessment and treatment plan will be shared with the patient's health care providers, to allow this information to be integrated into their overall medical care.